Friday, 24 September 2010

natural and not

birdy num nums


this one time i was in ringwood and a boy i am assuming to be about twelve years old asked me for a cigarette. this was strange because there was no evidence that i smoke unless he saw a peek of my gangrenous foot concealed within my sock and shoe. i told him that i had one left but he said that it was okay and left with a strange girl. i thought they were both going to roll me until i remembered that their combined weights were probably close to my total and i left on my merry way as they departed on their pre pubescent trip to the station

what's in it for me

not the very best photos but hey, here is a garnet set in fine and sterling silver. after the hair tearing and sweat threatened brow i handed this bad boy in and now i await interrogation

i might as well show some things i have made, here is a set of four cast rings i did a while ago. they are all made from pewter and are meant to look like boulders except for the one that says cat which says man on the other side too

bec from school

bec from school once told me that if her dog was a person she would marry her, i would do the same to my dog too. baxter is an old man name and now that he is thirteen he acts old too. if he were a person he would be 91 years old and would probably smoke a pipe and read the newspaper over a crumpet in the mornings. he would get up at 5 o'clock every morning and have a cup of tea and listen to abc classical radio as he put on his glasses and checked the moles on his arms. he would call out to me to tell me if he had found a new one and be excited about it and he would probably name it frank or jerry. baxter would wear 2 pairs of slippers on his feet and wear old spice and he would wolf whistle at women on the street for fun. oh look here he is now